01 Sep 2018

Driver’s Education Schedule


(Schedule created 01/16/2018)

Return registration paperwork & payments to:

Mason County Central Community Education Department

ATTN: Denise Jones 300 W. Broadway Scottville, MI 49454

Contact Information: djones@mccschools.org or (231) 757-3471

Pre-registration of classes is required

as a minimum number of students are needed to hold each class

and a limited number of seats are available in the classroom.

Please register at least one (1) week before the start of the class.

Your student is not registered until payment is made.

NOTE: Driving lessons are separate from class time & often go beyond 3-week class.

Segment 1 = $300.00

$175.00 down payment and a copy of student’s birth certificate are due with registration papers and

the remaining balance is due by the end of the first week of class

NOTE: It is highly recommended that students obtain their Level 1 permit from the Secretary of State office as soon as they successfully complete the Segment 1 course.

Segment 2 = $50.00

Registration will be complete when we receive Segment 2 contract, payment, a copy of Level 1 permit (from Secretary of State’s office) and driving log with parent signature as legal verification that student has completed the required number of practice hours.

Driver Education classes will be held at Mason County Central High School

Checks & money orders payable to OCEANA DRIVING SCHOOL
Payments & registrations turned into:
MCC Community Education Dept., Attn: Denise Jones

djones@mccschools.org or 231-757-3471 – located in the old weight room.

This schedule will be updated throughout the year, as necessary.