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8th Grade
Honor Point System

As a method to help our students become more responsible individuals, the eighth grade team has decided to implement the “honor point system”.  At the beginning of each of the three (3) trimesters our students will received 30 honor points.  Points will include 3 for each of the following areas:

1.          Homeroom

2.          Before school and assemblies

3.          Lunchtime

4.          After school (including bus rides)

5.          English

6.          Science

7.          History

8.          Math

9.          Encore 1

10.       Encore 2

The 30 points for each trimester will be split, meaning 10 points will be awarded every 4 weeks.  It will be the students’ responsibility to keep these points.  At the end of the year each student must keep 72 of the 90 points possible in order to go on the end of the year trip.  A reward system will be put into place for the students that keep 24 of their 30 points for each trimester.  The following is criteria for losing points based on how responsible we feel our students should be.


How are Points Lost?

·          3 or more unexcused absences

·          3 or more instances in which the student is unprepared for class

·          Not dressing out or participating during P.E.

·          Detention/SRC

·          Each in-school and out-of-school suspension will result in the loss of five points for that marking period.

·          3 or more missing assignments in a class during a marking period.

·          Failing a class

·          Poor behavior before and after school, during lunch, field trips

·          Misbehaving for a substitute teacher

·          Being kicked off the bus


***An appeal process will be in place in which students MAY be allowed to try and convince teachers that significant improvements have taken place over the course of the year.


·          A built in reward system requiring 24 of 30 points per trimester will reward those students who may be borderline (going or not going on the end-of-the-year class trip.

·          Requiring 72 of the 90 points will encourage students to continue to work hard, and go above and beyond the minimal expectations.

·          An appeal process will allow students to present their case in front of the 8th grade teachers.  During this appeal, students will reflect upon their behavior/performance from the past year.  This is especially nice for those students that may have significantly improved over the course of the year.  The appeal does not guarantee that the student will be allowed to attend the trip.

·          Students will need to continue to work hard during the 3rd trimester as it is still possible to lose enough points to keep them from attending the end-of-the-year trip.  They will be aware that their behavior, grades, and level of responsibility could still keep them from going.

·          3 or more unexcused absences will allow for doctor’s excuses and doesn’t over generalize for the entire day (all classes).  Example:  A student may be absent often during first hour but not the rest of the day.  This is incentive to make sure that all students arrive at school on time.  Therefore, they may lose points 1st hour but not for the entire day.

·          Students will be held accountable for their actions from the minute they get on the bus until the minute they get home.

·          It is important that students and parents understand that even if a student raises money or pays an activity fee for the end-of-year trip it does not mean they are exempt from this system.  Our class trip is a privilege and a reward that our students must earn over the course of the year.  Activity money that is not used when a student isn’t allowed to attend the trip will be sent with their class to 9th grade.