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Seventh Grade
 General Information

RESTROOM - Restroom breaks should be taken in between classes. If there isn’t time, please check-in with that hour’s teacher before proceeding to the restroom.

ASSIGNMENT BOOKS: The Assignment Book is required in class and in the hallways. Students cannot leave the room without their assignment book. This includes use of the restroom.

HOMEWORK POLICY —Assignments are due on the date specified by the teacher. Any work turned in after that date will lose 50% credit.

GRADES — Grades are figured on a point system. Each assignment, test or project is given a point value. Final grades are calculated by adding all points earned and dividing that number by the number possible per marking period.

7th Grade Honor Point System

As a method to help our students become more responsible individuals, the Middle School has implemented the Honor Points System. At the beginning of each of the trimesters, each 7th grade student will receive 10 honor points (one for each class, as well as before school, homeroom/Monday morning assemblies, lunchtime, after school, and bus rides.)  It will be the student’s responsibility to keep his/her points.  A reward system has been developed, for students that keep at least 8 of the 10 possible points, for each trimester.  At the end of the school year, each student must have kept a total of at least 24 of the 30 possible points, in order to attend the end-of-the-year class trip.  It is important that students and parents understand that even when a student raises money through the fund raiser for the end-of-the-year trip; it does not mean they are exempt from this system.  Our class trip is a privilege and a reward that students must earn over the course of the school year.  Money that is not used when a student is not allowed to attend the trip will be sent with their class to the eighth grade.

The following are the criterion used by the 7th grade team, in determining the loss of individual honor points.  It is based on how responsible we expect each student to be:

How are Honor Points Lost?

  • 7 or more absences in a class
  • 3 or more times coming to class unprepared (book, pen/pencil)
  • Not dressing out or participating during P.E.
  • Detention/SRC
  • Suspension from school will result in the loss of all points for that trimester
  • 10% or more missing assignments in a class for one trimester
  • Failing a class

***At the end of the year, any student who has not earned enough points to go on the end-of-the-year trip will have an opportunity to appeal to the 7th grade teachers, which may or may not result in him/her being allowed to go on the trip.

Benefits of Using the Honor Points System

·          A built-in reward system requiring at least 8 of 10 points per trimester will reward those students who are acting responsibly.

·         Students will be held accountable for their actions from the minute they get on the school bus, until they get home.

·         It is important that students and parents understand that even if a student participates in any fundraiser, or pays an activity fee, to help fund rewards and the end-of-the-year trip, they are not exempt from this system.  The 7th grade rewards and class trip are a privilege that each and every student must earn over the course of the school year.