March Is Reading Month 

3rd Grade

Celebrating March is Reading Month by following the Camping Calendar that has been sent home.

4th Grade 

Students who read 20 books over the next month will earn a reward day at school, 2 Whitecaps tickets, and other fun raffle prizes.

5th Grade

Reading incentives for pages read, books completed, and AR tests. They will be having a reading celebration at the end of the month. 


 P.E. Bowling Schedule 

March 20th 

Mrs. Stakenas, Mrs. Dahringer & Danielson 

March 21st 

Mrs. Urka, Mrs. Mathews & Mr. Lundberg

March 22nd

Mrs. Rozell, Mr. Rybicki & Mr. Anes 

March 23rd 

Mrs. Mrs. O'Herron & Mrs. Mortensen  

Student of the Month

3rd Grade:

Brogan Quillan

4th Grade:

Brady Anes

5th Grade:

Jayden Baker 





 March 24th  to

April 3rd