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Upper Elementary 

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Scottville, MI 49454

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I hope everyone has a great spring break recess. Let’s hope the weather warms up this spring so we can enjoy those April showers and May flowers!

Things continue to move quickly here at the Upper Elementary. Our students are engaged in Common Core curriculum on a daily basis and we’ve enjoyed celebrating March is Reading Month. Students have been involved in many fun activities including read-ins and working towards individual and classroom reading goals. Be sure to continue reading with our children as research continues to show this as an important step towards reading growth.

Mrs. Johnson has completed the bowling unit this week which is part of our Physical Education curriculum.  She also led an effective fundraising campaign for Jump Rope for Heart.

Please continue to pay close attention to the weather as many students are thinking it is warm when the sun is shining. It’s been very cold and we’ve noticed many students wearing clothes and coats that are not heavy enough for the temperatures.

Our Box Top fundraising has trailed off a bit recently.  Please continue with box tops. This great fundraising opportunity by saving and bringing in as many as you can.

I wanted to remind everyone we are entering our final and very important season of assessments. This is a time for our students to shine, and prove that hard work and determination in the classroom can show results. All 3rd, 4th and 5th graders are required by the state to take the M-STEP. We’ve been practicing questions everyday as part of our M-Step ALL STAR program. We have a schedule in place for our final two months of school, along with an NWEA schedule which provides immediate feedback and opportunity for us to make solid educational decisions. It is very important our students are well rested and well-nourished during these important test windows to help each scholar shine as bright as possible. Thanks with your help in supporting this, and know that any encouragement you can provide them will certainly help.

As always, stop in and see me or give me a call with any questions you may have. Communication continues to be most important.




Mr. Kimes



 - May 21st - Upper Elementary Music Program 

- May 28 - Memorial Day, No School 

- Track and Field

Tuesday, May 29th - 5th Grade

Wednesday, May 30th - 4th Grade

Thursday, May 31st - 3rd Grade 

  - June 5th - 4th Grade end of the year field trip to the Whitecaps 

-June 6th - 5th Grade field to W.S.C.C. 

- June 7th - 3rd Grade end of the year field trip to John Ball Zoo 

- June 8th 

Last day of school for Mason County Central. Just a reminder that this will be a 1/2 Day 

9:30 a.m. we will be having our end of the year assembly - Please come and help celebrate our students! 

Report cards go home with students