-No School February 17th - MCC In Service Day! 

-Jump Rope for Heart February 20th - 24th 


 Student of The Month 

3rd Grade -  Donovan Shimel 

4th Grade - Aleeyah Betts 

5th Grade - Ryan Budzinski 


 Please continue to communicate with our front office and/or teachers if the end of the day pickup routines change from the normal. Our teachers have a big responsibility in ensuring our children are getting home based on parent/caregiver wishes. Communication is a big part of this. Please call with these changes by 2:00 p.m. We ask for continue support and communication in this area.  



Our students spend time outside before school and at recess, so it's very important we dress warmly. It is a goal of ours to have all students stay healthy and have as much fun as possible. Please let us know in the front office if you need assistance with winter wear. We have some wonderful resources. We do stay in when temperature including wind chill is below 10 degrees.